The relationship between hot green tea and esophageal cancer

Hot green tea can cause so many problems for you including esophageal cancer because of the thermal irritation of hot green tea can cause damage to the esophageal epithelia, and it will surely increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

There are so many studies provided that there is a strong relationship between hot green tea and increased risk of esophageal cancer in humans, and the studies confirmed that people who drank hot green tea had almost three times the risk of esophageal cancer than non-drinkers.

We will tell you more about drinking hot green tea and esophageal cancer in the following lines in order to make you know all the side effects of that and make you healthier.

Hot green tea may raise the risk of death by 60%:

There is a study confirmed that the effect of green tea temperature on the risk of esophageal cancer is so high, and more than 50,000 people had esophageal cancer, and they were 40–75 years old at baseline.

There is another study that a group of more than 220,000 Japanese men and women with 15 years of follow-up, who usually drank hot green tea had a statistically significant 60% higher mortality of esophageal cancer than those who drank green tea at moderate temperature.

Another study found that drinking 700 milliliters of hot green tea per day could easily increase the chances of esophageal cancer by 90% compared with drinking the same daily amount of lukewarm or cold tea.

There are so many studies in China found that drinking hot green tea, when combined with heavy alcohol and tobacco use, will significantly increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

Therefore, all the studies confirmed that all the evidence supporting a strong association between hot beverage drinking especially hot green tea and esophageal cancer risk.

The best ways to avoid the harmful of hot green tea:

You need to avoid drinking hot green tea forever, and there are so many ways you need to follow in order to stay away from all the harmful results of hot green tea, including:

  • You must drink your green tea at a temperature of less than 60°C because drinking green tea with high temperature “more than 60°C” will be so dangerous for your health and it will cause esophageal cancer as we mentioned before
  • It will be perfect for you to wait about 6 minutes before drinking your green tea after pouring it into your glass because it will not be hot anymore and that is what we need
  • If you need to get all the health benefits from all the different kinds of beverages, not only green tea, then you need to wait for your hot beverages to cool down before drinking in order to protect yourself from many diseases
  • It is necessary to drink less than 700 ml of tea daily in order to take all the health benefits of it without facing any problems