Surprise, you can learn a new language while you sleep

Learn a new language while you sleep is something very unique and there is recent research that reveals for the first time that people can easily learn new information while they are asleep including languages.

Believe it or not, scientists confirmed that sleep consolidates learning of new information and new foreign languages that we acquire during wakefulness, and generally sleeping can help enforce your learning

There are so many researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland, who suggest that learning can also take place during deep, or slow-wave sleep, and that proved that learn a new language while sleeping is something possible.

How to learn a foreign language while sleeping?

For kids, there is a particular study showed that children who were encouraged to sleep shortly after hearing new words kept their newly gained knowledge significantly better than other children who remained awake.

You need to know that everyone’s brain gets busy reactivating and replaying information from waking hours, so it will be normal to remember all the information during your sleep.

Therefore, if you are asking yourself how to learn a foreign language while sleeping, then you need to follow some steps and believe that you can do that in order to make your mind believes that too.

  • You must boost your memory and improve your knowledge of all the things you have already learned because that will show clearly to you during sleep
  • It is so effective to take a nap after hitting those language books because it will actually help you to keep what you just learned
  • It will be perfect for you to listen to a language CD before bedtime, and then again as you sleep because that will add stimulus strengthens the consolidation process while you sleep, and it works magically

Now, if someone asked you “can you learn a language in your sleep?” then you have to answer, “yes” without thinking because of all the facts and studies, which proved that you can learn a language in your sleep without facing any problems.

The best way to test yourself if you learn a language while sleeping:

If you do not believe that you can improve your language while you sleep or you cannot believe that sleeping will actually help you to keep a new language in your mind very well, then you need to test yourself by following these steps:

  • You must play an audio recording of new words while awake
  • You should replay the same recording while you sleep
  • Let the record on for the first two to three hours of sleep
  • Now you can test yourself when you wake up and see if you still remember what you hear or not

Note: if you want to get the best results ever, then you need to do this every night for a few weeks, and you will find yourself impressing your family and friend with your fluency.