Social media can cause depression and loneliness

Social media platforms like Facebook can affect your health, and it has a negative impact on mental well-being is widespread, and there are so many researchers confirmed the strong relationship between social media and depression.

There is new research reveals that girls’ much-higher rate of depression than boys, and that is related to the longer time they spend on social media, which is one of the main reasons for their low mood.

Therefore, we will tell you in our article some of the most popular social media and depression facts according to many studies, and the best ways to make your kids stay away from social media to get a better life.

Social media and depression studies and facts:

If you are always spending your time on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, then you will face huge problems that could be adversely affecting your mood.

There are so many facts that confirmed the strong and linked relationship between Social media and depression, such as:

  • Some studies proved that you will suffer from negative side effects in your mental health if you spend so many time on social media
  • You will notice that you have so many symptoms of anxiety and depression by the time because of social media
  • Teenagers and girls are the most people who are suffering from depression and loneliness because of social media, according to a study published in the journal EClinicalMedicine
  • Social media use was linked with sleep disturbance, being unhappy with the appearance, feeling lonely all the time, and anxiety
  • The most important mental health effect that is been strongly linked with the use of social media, is fear of missing out or FOMO, and that effect is so dangerous, and so many psychologists said that the need for inclusion and social interaction is like food and water for kids

Tips for parents to make their kids stay away from social media:

High use of social media can affect your kids’ mental health, so you need to follow some tips to make your kids have a good life far from social media.

  • The recommended amount of time you should let your kids spend on social networks is about half an hour per day.
  • You can use some parental control apps because they will give you the best tools to shut down social media and other apps on your kids’ phone
  • Always talk about the potential downsides of social media in front of your kids
  • You need to track your kids’ social media use for a week to determine what they are looking for at their phones and what is the most used website for them
  • You need to deal with your phone the way you would like to see your kids deal with theirs, and that is a very important tip for all the parents
  • It will be perfect to make frequent discussions with your kids about mental health, including talking about the symptoms of depression and anxiety