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    20 Most Painful Conditions You Can Suffer From.

    1 – Cluster headaches Cluster headaches are excruciating attacks of pain in one side of the head, often felt around the eye. ‘Hardly anyone’ has heard of the condition, according to cluster headache charity OUCH (UK). That’s despite the fact that it’s estimated there are the same number of cluster headache sufferers in the UK […] More

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    In the USA, the primary causes of death stem from heart-related issues. 787,000 individuals were killed by heart disease in 2011, and two years before that, the disease killed 1 in 4 Americans, according to a report by CardioSmart. The Heart Foundation published a report claiming that cardiovascular diseases were responsible for more deaths than […] More

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    The relationship between hot green tea and esophageal cancer

    Hot green tea can cause so many problems for you including esophageal cancer because of the thermal irritation of hot green tea can cause damage to the esophageal epithelia, and it will surely increase the risk of esophageal cancer. There are so many studies provided that there is a strong relationship between hot green tea […] More

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    Surprise, you can learn a new language while you sleep

    Learn a new language while you sleep is something very unique and there is recent research that reveals for the first time that people can easily learn new information while they are asleep including languages. Believe it or not, scientists confirmed that sleep consolidates learning of new information and new foreign languages that we acquire […] More

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    The most popular vitamin D side effects

    Vitamin D side effects are various so you need to be careful when you take any of those supplements in order to stay healthy, and we all know that vitamin D is extremely important for overall health, which is responsible to achieve optimal blood levels. You can have too much of good things from vitamin […] More

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    The best elderly daily diet plan

    An elderly daily diet plan is one of the best things you need to follow if your age is over 60 years old because you need to keep your health good and make your body strong. A new study has shown that the elderly daily diet plan will give you the best results ever because […] More

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    Brisk walking is the best treatment for Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis is one of the most common problems that every man and woman face in their life, and they think that this problem has no solution and searching for treatment is impossible. That is so wrong because you can simply walk fast every day as an exercise and you will get rid of that problem […] More

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    Top 10 Mushrooms for Better Health

    Mighty mushrooms are making waves in the wellness world. We’re using them as adaptogenic herbs for stress, immune boosters for year-round health, as a source of beauty nutrition and more. From delicious and nutritious mushroom recipes to potent mushroom supplements and even mushroom coffee—mushrooms are everywhere, and their benefits are many. Let’s explore some trending mushrooms and their […] More

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